Monday, March 2, 2009

Women's History Month 2009 - Saving the Planet

Women’s History Month is a time for us to reflect on the accomplishments of women and the continuing challenges facing women in our world. The national theme for this March is “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet” which highlights the ways in which women having contributed to environmental awareness, sustainability, and the green movement. St. Mary’s University’s Women’s History Month Planning Committee will be presenting several public programs inspired by the national theme. For more information about campus programming, check out the St. Mary’s Women’s History Month page and the March 2009 program brochure.
The Blume Library’s March book display offers books demonstrating women’s contributions to identifying and solving the most difficult problems in our natural world. For example, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, arguably the book that started the environmental movement, is just one of the great works on display. All display books are available for checkout. Take this opportunity to learn about women’s contributions to environmental awareness!

If you are looking for online material, several websites offer information, and fun facts, about women’s history. The U.S. Department of State highlights the 2009 national theme on the department’s Women’s History Month pages. More information about Women’s History Month, and research collections relating to women’s history, can be found on the Library of Congress’ Women’s History Month site. The U.S. Census Bureau posts a Women’s History Month feature each year that gives some current statistics about women. An example of the 2009 data includes that fact that “28.2 million women 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or more education in 2007, more than double the number 20 years earlier.” Obviously, women continue to take advantage of the educational and career opportunities available to them thanks to the efforts of equal rights activists of the past and present.

For something on the lighter side, quiz yourself about women’s history. There are several online quizzes that are fun but also let you know how well you know women’s history. offers a great Women’s History Month website with a related quiz. Or, try the quiz on the National Women’s History Month Project site. While your there, take one last opportunity to reflect on the national theme by reading a few biographies of contemporary women who are working to save our planet.

~Necia Wolff

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